Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nuby Sippy Cup Luv n Care Toll Free Phone Number USA or Contact Form Page


If you have purchased a Nuby sippy cup and you are having a problem or just want to tell the company some great things about their cups, you can contact the Nuby, Luv n Care company by visiting their website contact form for the USA or calling their toll free number.  Please make sure you have followed all of the directions to get your sippy cups to work correctly.  Many of the cups have replacement spouts that have notches that line up with notches on their rims.  You have to make sure those notches are lined up correctly so the cup doesn't leak.

Some sippy cups leak at the spout because the spout has been chewed on too many times or is getting worn.  Spouts should be changed every one or two months if there is heavy use or if they become broken or cloudy.  Also, if you tighten the lid on a sippy cup too tightly, then the cup may leak.  Just tighten the lid until the sippy cup shuts comfortably and test it before giving the cup to your child.

Every company that you purchase a sippy cup from has it's own return policy.  Once a cup is open and used, it cannot be returned to a store.  The same goes for online stores.  If your child uses a sippy cup you cannot return it.  You should always contact the manufacturer with complaints because the online stores do not make the product.  They only sell it and regardless of the brand, there are always isolated problems within that brand.

If you are still having an issue, or need more information on how to use your Nuby sippy cup, here is the info to contact Nuby Sippy Cup Customer Service directly.  Hopefully they will be able to help. 

Nuby Inc. 
Attn: Customer Service 
3030 Aurora Ave. 
Monroe, LA 71201



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