Monday, July 2, 2018

Nuby Sippy Gripper Cup Replacement Spouts = Discounts

The original Nuby  Sippy Gripper Cup is still the best selling sippy cup around.  It is inexpensive yet made well enough to last for a long time.  The best part about the cups is that you can buy the replacement spouts which means that you will save money and you will be helping to keep unnecessary plastic out of the landfills.

Nuby Sippy Gripper Spouts in the newest packaging. 2 spouts in each package = 6 spouts in this picture

There are lots of places to buy the replacement spouts online, however, you can save money when you purchase the spouts from 

WHY?  Every time you buy from this small, family owned online business who have been selling Nuby replacement spouts for 7 years, you will receive a discount coupon code for your next purchase.  In addition, after you make your fifth purchase, you will get a package of spouts for free when they ship your next order.  There are two spouts in each package so that is a pretty good deal.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Where Do I Find Replacement Spouts for the Nuby Sippy Gripper Cup - Discounted?

Most of the Nuby sippy gripper cup replacement spouts can be found for sale online.

There are numerous websites that offer the spouts in a variety of quantities.  One site, DISCOUNT SPOUTS CLICK HERE  offers discounts for repeat buyers each time they purchase, plus, after making 5 purchases you get a free pack of spouts. There is a discount coupon code on the first page of their website.  Just click on order, or browse the website as they go into good detail on each type of replacement spout that Nuby makes and what cups those spouts fit.  This is the one place where Nuby replacement spouts are always on sale.

The Nuby sippy gripper cup has one replacement spout that is sold as a replacement and one other that fits another one of their sippy cups, that will also fit the Nuby sippy gripper cup.

The Nuby sport sipper cup and the Nuby sippy gripper cup both have the same type of opening.  Consequently, the spouts are interchangeable in case you want to try a different one on your cup.

The Nuby sippy gripper spout looks like this:

2 Nuby sippy gripper replacement spouts.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER. 

The Nuby Sippy Gripper Cup looks like this:

Nuby sippy gripper 10oz Sippy Cup

The Nuby Sippy Gripper Spout Measures approximately 2 inches across the widest part of the spout.

Nuby sippy gripper spout on ruler

The Nuby Sport Sipper Spout looks like this:
Nuby Sport Sipper Replacement Spout  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Nuby Sport Sipper Sippy Cups 10oz Tall CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The Nuby Sport Sipper Spout Measures approximately 2 inches across the widest part of the spout.

Nuby sport sipper spout on ruler

Not only are you saving money by not throwing away perfectly good Nuby sippy cups, you are truly helping to save our landfills and help support a small, family owned, online business.  Hope this was helpful to you!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nuby Sippy Cup Luv n Care Toll Free Phone Number USA or Contact Form Page


If you have purchased a Nuby sippy cup and you are having a problem or just want to tell the company some great things about their cups, you can contact the Nuby, Luv n Care company by visiting their website contact form for the USA or calling their toll free number.  Please make sure you have followed all of the directions to get your sippy cups to work correctly.  Many of the cups have replacement spouts that have notches that line up with notches on their rims.  You have to make sure those notches are lined up correctly so the cup doesn't leak.

Some sippy cups leak at the spout because the spout has been chewed on too many times or is getting worn.  Spouts should be changed every one or two months if there is heavy use or if they become broken or cloudy.  Also, if you tighten the lid on a sippy cup too tightly, then the cup may leak.  Just tighten the lid until the sippy cup shuts comfortably and test it before giving the cup to your child.

Every company that you purchase a sippy cup from has it's own return policy.  Once a cup is open and used, it cannot be returned to a store.  The same goes for online stores.  If your child uses a sippy cup you cannot return it.  You should always contact the manufacturer with complaints because the online stores do not make the product.  They only sell it and regardless of the brand, there are always isolated problems within that brand.

If you are still having an issue, or need more information on how to use your Nuby sippy cup, here is the info to contact Nuby Sippy Cup Customer Service directly.  Hopefully they will be able to help. 

Nuby Inc. 
Attn: Customer Service 
3030 Aurora Ave. 
Monroe, LA 71201



Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nuby Sippy Gripper Spouts Introduction

Nuby Sippy Gripper Spouts Introduction  - so how weird is that you might ask?  Not very weird at all.  The world of Nuby replacement spouts has gotten very confusing to buyers.  Most buyers think that Nuby makes replacement spouts for all of their products.  That's just not true.  They only make replacement spouts for very few of their products.  The Nuby sippy gripper replacement spout is one of those few replacement spouts.  You can find a great selection of the Nuby sippy gripper spouts at UNIQUE KIDS BOUTIQUE along with discounts for repeat buyers.

The Nuby sippy gripper spouts are bpa free silicone.  They are pretty durable but as every sippy cup manufacturer warns, don't let your child chew on the spouts.  If you see any type of wear or tear or rip in the spout, it's time to get a new one.  They do seem to be pretty resilient too and it beats buying a new cup when the cup you have is perfectly good.  It also helps keep unnecessary plastic out of the landfills. 

2 Nuby sippy gripper spouts out of package

2 nuby sippy gripper spouts in package

Nuby sippy gripper spouts measure just about 2 inches across the wides part of the spout.

The Nuby sippy gripper cup is the number one selling cup in the world.  The cups do last for years - we still have one from 7 years ago.  The spouts, however, may last for a month, maybe two, if your baby doesn't have teeth yet.  Once your baby gets teeth, that becomes a whole different story!  Teeth and silicone spouts do not go very well together.  Your baby will start to bite because the spout feels good when s/he is cutting teeth.  They may even run with the sippy cup hanging from their mouths as they try to get away from you when you try to take it.  Bait and switch usually works though.  If you see your baby running with it, find his or her favorite new toy or food and make a trade.  That way you know your baby will be safe from biting the spout to pieces!

Nuby sippy gripper cup on side

Nuby sippy gripper ad

Because the Nuby Sippy Gripper cup is still the best selling cup in the world, Nuby has made sure that the sippy gripper replacement spouts are still available.  You should always measure the spouts you have on your existing sippy cup, look at pictures and be sure you buy in larger quantities to save on shipping once you are sure that you have the right spout.